Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 4: St. Paul's and the Museum

By Christine Whiteaker

St. Paul's was an amazing cathedral! It was crazy to imagine how the people at that time were able to build such a huge magnificent building. We were able to listen to an audio guide and walk around the cathedral while listening to the history of the building and everything that is in it. We were able to go up into  the whispering gallery and hear people around the wall talking to each other from across the dome. We didn't get to go to the top of the dome because it was closed but you still got to feel the amazingness of what Christopher Wren had designed.

After St. Paul's we were free to go and see what we could fit in to the time we had before we had a meeting to see the Rhind Papyrus. I was able to go and see the British Library which had the Magna Carta, Handel's Messiah, a Jane Austen diary, and many other cool artifacts. I was amazed by the detail in the  Illuminated Manuscripts.

Then I was able to explore the British Museum for a little while before we meet for the viewing of the Rhind Papyrus.  You really could spend an entire week in the British Museum to see everything but we were able to see some of the highlights like the Rosetta Stone and we walked through the Enlightenment Room. We were able to go in groups of 8 and 9 to go see the Rhind Papyrus. This was amazing to see because it is the first recording of more complex mathematical problems being done. Sadly when the Papyrus was found the sellers wanted more money for it and tore it into two pieces so it is in two different sections. While the other group was seeing the Papyrus we talked about the cultural aspect of everything that we had seen and the differences in the people.

That night we all split into different groups to go do whatever we wanted. Gabe and I went to go see Singin' In The Rain  which was absolutely amazing. It  actually rained on stage!

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